IT Security and Protection

The security of your IT systems in paramount to the survival and effective running of your business. We are here to help you with this important requirement, looking at every aspect of your IT security. Please review the headings below and feel free call us for more information.

IT Security Audit

An IT security audit can highlight areas in where your business is implementing good security measures, and also show where room for improvement can be made. Using a number of tools and techniques we are able to audit your systems, test their security and make recommendations. Areas which audits can cover include:

  1. Asset management - Listing Hardware and Software, to identify possible security risks
  2. Operating System - Patching, hardening and security base-lining
  3. Identifying your security perimeters - be they physical or virtual and the risks they present
  4. Hazard list - Identifying assets, policies or personnel that could be a potential threat to your security
  5. Future planning - what threats have presented before, what measures can be taken, what threats may present themselves
  6. Risk Management - Which areas are most vulnerable and/or most likely to happen
  7. Firewall Assessment - Intrusion prevention from outside network
  8. IAM - Identity and Access Management
  9. Backups - Schedule, retention, security and storage
  10. Application Security - Spam, Anti-Virus and Phishing
  11. Physical Security - CCTV, Alarms and Monitored Systems

Data Backup Solutions

The biggest risk to the security of your company's data is the way in which you backup your data. We are here to take the risks out of the various solutions available to businesses. Solutions include:

  • Offsite, secure backup service via your company's existing internet connection
  • Tape and Storage Backups
  • Backup schedules and retention
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery

Internet and Email Security

We can offer a number of services and solutions to help you protect your users and their productivity. Please feel free to call us regarding any of the solutions we offer in the following areas:

  • Anti Virus and Malware protection
  • Hardware and Software Firewalls
  • Content restriction for Internet Browsing, Instant Messaging and Applications
  • Managed SPAM protection services