Insolvency Practitioner IT Solution

Insolvency practitioners often have requirement for storage of an insolvents records. There is also the concern for the official receiver that although the records may not be of particular concern for themselves there may be other reasons that do not directly affect them. For example the records of an insolvent must be preserved:

  • If the case is placed on the Investigation Register,
  • if required for use in connection with disqualification, prosecution or bankruptcy restriction proceedings
  • on the basis of a request from HM Revenue and Customs
  • if there is a possibility of a rescission or annulment of the insolvency order or a stay of proceedings.

This present the problem of storing not only boxes of case files and records, but can also extend to IT equipment that contains contract and accounting data. To combat this issue some have resorted to backing up an insolvents data to a digital format, reducing the physical storage needed.

While this preserves the record of the data, there can be issue with access after the original computer has been disposed of. An example of this might be having the correct version of an accounting package for a backup taken from a client’s system where no discs were available for installation.

Complete Solution

We offer a solution to target three issues that receivers face when dealing with computer based records; backup, storage and hardware destruction or recycling.

Backup and Storage

We provide a three faceted backup allowing you to get your hands on the information you require at the click of a button. That backup includes:

  1. A flat file backup of all Documents and Accounts Data
  2. A complete system backup, which is bootable from a local machine (no need for the physical box)
  3. Reports from Accounting Packages (Trial Balance, Nominal Ledger and Audits) when available.

We can also provide services to recover deleted files from client systems, and provide reports outlining recent deletions of data.

The complete backup will be provided, along with a detailed report outlining the system state and important notes, on a removable hard drive. This eliminates the need to store physical machines; a single drive is capable of storing multiple machines (it is possible to store in excess of 100 machines per drive). This drive can then be stored with the case files for use at a later time.

Data Destruction and Hardware Recycling

After the backup has been completed there is no need to keep the original hardware. This presents the issue of securely disposing of the sensitive data that was originally stored on that hardware. We will wipe any required hard drives to British HMG IS5 (standard UK secure data wiping scheme).

The hardware can then either be return or we will make arrangements for the equipment to be recycled.

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