File Recovery

Lost that important file or document? Users mistakenly or maliciously deleted files from your system? We are here to help!

Using specialised software and data recovery techniques we are able to recover most recently deleted files. We also provide reports as to what has been recovered, and if possible by whom and when.

If you need recovery, don't delay, call us on 0330 088 8058 to see how we can help.  We can also advise on tools and techniques to limit your exposure to file deletion and corruption.

How can we 'undelete' files?

When you delete a file from a system, most of the time, the file is not physically deleted, instead the reference for that file is removed.

It can be related to removing the reference to a chapter, in a book, from the book index. Someone looking at the book index would no longer be able to see that chapter exists. However, if they flicked through the book, looking at every page, they would eventually be able to find that chapter. Similarly, we can look at the physical make up of a file system to find out what is there that is not listed in it's index.

This process normally takes some time, and is vital that is carried out as soon as the files are seen be missing, limiting the possibility of corruption or overwriting.

Permanently Delete Files

Sometimes, however, files are permanently deleted by natural overwriting or corruption, or by using software that's specific task is to prevent recovery. This is useful for companies that store sensitive data that require deletion after a period of time (i.e. patient records or records related to data protection).

Currently the UK Government have set a standard for removal of data, known as HMG IS5 Baseline (1 pass) or HMG IS5 Enhanced (3 pass). We can also provide services that remove files, or wipe entire hard disk drives, to this standard. 

Please contact us if you require any of the services outlined for a quotation.