March 2012

File Recovery

Lost that important file or document? Users mistakenly or maliciously deleted files from your system? We are here to help!

Using specialised software and data recovery techniques we are able to recover most recently deleted files. We also provide reports as to what has been recovered, and if possible by whom and when.

If you need recovery, don't delay, call us on 0330 088 8058 to see how we can help.  We can also advise on tools and techniques to limit your exposure to file deletion and corruption.


One of the latest 'buzz' words in the IT community, so what is virtualisation? It could be described as combination of technologies, that put simply, allows you to consolidate your IT infrastructure. This can fall into two main sections; software and hardware virtualization.

Network & Cabinet Sales

Server Rack, Data cabinets, RJ45 and Network Supplies available from our Comms Rack website

Remote Support

With our own secure remote support software we can easily and unobtrusively help support your I.T. systems without having to be on site.

IT Security and Protection

The security of your IT systems in paramount to the survival and effective running of your business. We are here to help you with this important requirement, looking at every aspect of your IT security. Please review the headings below and feel free call us for more information.

Insolvency Practitioner IT Solution

Insolvency practitioners often have requirement for storage of an insolvents records. There is also the concern for the official receiver that although the records may not be of particular concern for themselves there may be other reasons that do not directly affect them. For example the records of an insolvent must be preserved: